Gatherberry Goods, Founder

Gretchen Berry

Design is Luxury

The process of beautiful design started well before Gatherberry Goods was conceived...

Since 2012, I have built an award winning stationery and graphic design business specializing in custom luxury invitations and event decor.

Feeling especially inspired by pattern and textiles one day in Fall, I decided to design a set of dish towels for my home to brighten the season. I found myself not being able to stop and couldn't help but continue to creating companion pieces until I had a fully designed table setting for the season. This is where Gatherberry Goods was born

What make us different?

Unlike other home decor subscription boxes, we are designed to be a curated and cohesive collection that works together. All of our products are designed in-house and Gatherberry Goods labeled, with each quarterly collection created around a seasonal theme.

Boxed by us with hand-tied ribbons, tags, custom tissue paper and stickers, these boxes truly feel like a gift; for a friend, a family member, as a corporate 'thank you', or even for yourself!

I want the Gatherberry Goods subscription to feel special ... from the moment the box arrives at the door to the end of a long night of entertainment.


I hope you enjoy receiving and using these collections as much as I've enjoyed designing them. And we look forward to seeing how you entertain with your next collection!

Gretchen Berry